The Ales We Stock

At The Real Ale Shop in Norfolk we specialise in bottle conditioned beer – we have a range of over 60 bottled ales available. We also offer seasonal, limited edition and other unusual ales throughout the year.

All ales listed are capped 500ml bottles unless otherwise stated.
(V) = suitable for vegetarians & vegans

BeestonThe Squirrel's Nuts3.5%£2.80Mild
Drink To Remember4.0%£3.05Golden
Worth The Wait4.2%£3.05Golden
The Dry Road4.8%£3.10Pale
Old Stoatwobbler6.0%£3.30Stout(V)
Magnificent Men7.2%£3.50Bitter
BrancasterBest Bitter3.8%£2.95Golden
Malthouse Bitter4.2%£3.00Bitter
Oyster Catcher4.4%£3.00Pale
The Wreck4.8%£3.05Malty
BoudiccaQueen of Hops4.0%£2.90Pale(V)
Golden Torc CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK4.3%£3.00Golden(V)
The Red Queen4.5%£3.05Bitter(V)
Prasto's Porter5.2%£3.20Porter(V)
ElmtreeGolden Pale Ale5.0%£3.20Pale(V)
Dark Horse Stout5.0%£3.30Stout(V)
Top of The Hop*8.0%£4.00Pale(V) * 330ml bottle
FoxGrizzly Beer4.8%£3.10Pale
Nelson's Blood5.1%£3.30Bitter
Green JackRipper*8.5%£7.70Bitter* 750ml fliptop bottle
Baltic Trader*10.5%£9.00Stout* 750ml fliptop bottle
Humpty DumptySwallowtail4.0%£2.95Pale(V)
Malt CoastFarm Table Saison*3.6%£2.50Pale(V) * 330ml bottle
Pale Ale*4.2%£2.50Pale(V) * 330ml can
Amber Ale*4.7%£2.50Malty(V) * 330ml bottle
IPA*5.3%£2.50Pale(V) * 330ml bottle
PantherHopsta*< 0.5%£2.00Pale(V) * 330ml bottle
American Pale Ale4.4%£3.10Pale(V)
Berry Bite*5.5%£3.10Pale(V) * 330ml aluminium bottle
Jungle IPA*5.5%£3.10Pale(V) * 330ml aluminium bottle
Beast of The East5.5%£3.20Pale(V)
Best Bittern4.5%£2.95Golden(V)
Norfolk Cock5.2%£3.00Golden(V)
Black Shuck5.2%£3.05Stout(V)
The Devil's Doorbell6.6%£3.50Malty(V)
Pussy Jack6.6%£3.50Malty(V)
Celebration*6.6%£7.50Malty(V) * 750ml
Why NotHare of The Dog4.5%£2.85Pale(V)
Norfolk Honey Ale5.0%£2.95Golden
Chocolate Nutter5.5%£2.95Malty(V)
WildcraftWild Summer4.5%£2.90Pale(V)
Wild Ride5.0%£3.20Pale(V)
Wild Awake5.0%£3.05Pale(V)
Storm Force5.3%£3.05Pale

How To Order

You can order a personalised selection of ales for delivery (min. 6 bottles) by choosing them above and calling us on 01328 710810, or emailing us at for a quote. We charge a flat rate of £10.00 P&P
Alternatively, our specially selected gift cases are available to order online.

All 500ml, and most 330ml and 375ml bottles can be sent as part of our mail order service, but 750ml bottles cannot.

In the shop we also sell our own glassware (including pint glasses, half pint glasses, tankards and goblets), Branthill Farm’s Crushed Malt, and gift cases ranging from 3 to 12 bottles. Please visit the shop or contact us for further details and prices.

You can contact The Real Ale Shop on 01328 710 810, via email: or you can keep up to date with us on Facebook.