Visit our ‘Barley to Beer’ Micro Maltings

Branthill Farm’s ‘Barley to Beer’ Micro Maltings is adjacent to The Real Ale Shop and provides a clear step-by-step presentation of the malting process on a small scale so that you too can understand the barley’s journey from the fields of Branthill Farm to your taste buds.

Solar panels are used to produce the heat to sustainably finish the malt, and inside the Micro Maltings a brief video “goes with the grain” through this ancient and fascinating process. Even before the Romans arrived, the Iceni tribe were brewing here in North Norfolk with malt from wild barley that can still be seen growing on many of the local sea banks.

The ‘sun dried’ malt resulting from this process is then supplied to local craft brewers who create unique, single-batch brews highlighting the depth of character and flavour in the malt.

The Micro Maltings is open all year around for you to drop in and learn a little something on your visitMicro Maltings